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March 2024 Gathering: Grow In Simplicity

Mar 21, 2024

Pruning Our Lives So We Can Thrive

Mar 16, 2024

Have I been distracted by being productive?

Mar 02, 2024

"Growth Points"

Feb 29, 2024

Sunday was a "Growth Day" acceptance divorce earthing emotions friends growth muddy middle Sep 09, 2023
Sunday was a "growth day." Not a beautiful floral bouquet kind of growth day, but a sweaty in your work clothes with your hands, elbows, and knees covered in mud and exhausted to the bone kind of growth day. neuro doc is amazing and one of my favorite guys on the planet. He...
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Embracing Growth in Gathering gathering growth transformation Aug 28, 2023
You know how once you decide that you think you want to buy a Jeep, you then see Jeeps everywhere? I feel like that's how this statement has been for me this past week.
"Embracing growth means embracing _________."
That was that was the theme question for our Gathering of Light...
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Plant your dreams agency activated believe growth longings Aug 14, 2023

This dandelion may represent weeds or dreams, depending on how you look at it.

What is it your wish today? What are you seeking?  You don't have to see these desires or longings with weariness or fear and try and talk yourself out of them. Maybe others don't validate your dreams. They...

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