Now is your time...             


Become all you were

meant to be and

Grow in the Light

Receive Light • Magnify Light • Share Light

Now is your time...             

Become all you were

meant to be and

Grow in the Light

Receive Light

Magnify Light

Share Light

May 2024 Theme...

Grow in Intuition

 Join us for a free "Gathering of Light" each month to discuss the monthly theme with other women of faith.

We will meet on Thursday May 16th from 1-2pm Eastern to discuss the theme "Grow in Intuition."

Click here to connect to Zoom that day and join the conversation!

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Day 6...What does alignment feel like?

May 21, 2024

Day 5...Prospering by degrees

May 20, 2024

Day 4...Lessons on Growth after a Tornado

May 19, 2024

Do you want to experience…


Less feeling like you aren’t good enough–More confidence in your divine identity

Less hopelessness–More peaceful growth

Less discouragement and isolation–More connection and belonging

Less fear and triggers–More security and empowerment

Less entanglement in the choices of others–More liberty in your own stewardship

Less living in survival mode–More intentional and purposeful living

Less stagnancy–More miracles


These delicious fruits will come as you

Grow in the Light!

Start Coaching Today

You want to love God and others with all your heart, might, mind, and strength, don’t you? But...

Sometimes we get discouraged, weary, or stuck because our desire and efforts don’t seem to be making a difference. That’s why you are here searching for something.

Can I just assure you–you aren’t broken. You just have gaps!

Gaps are places in our lives that we don’t yet have the knowledge, skills, or example to do what our heart desires.


You will find tools, discussions, and mentorship here to help you grow in 


emotional resilience (heart), 

spiritual centering (might), 

brain development skills (mind), 

and physical self-care (strength). 


Just imagine how growth in each of those areas will transform your results in that important desire!


At Grow in the Light you will find a beautiful blend of proven truths from God’s word, brain science, and psychological research.

If your heart, spirit, mind, and body are feeling fragmented or out of balance,

you may be ready for a personal restoration!


God’s word teaches us that a restoration will come (Acts 3:21),

and that all things can be gathered together in one in Christ (Ephesians1:10). 

Some people think this just applies to His church. Have you considered that Christ wants that for His followers just as much as He wants it for His church?


Christ will help you experience this integration, based on His truths!

Teach me more!

Kelli J.

“I love the group discussions–the different personalities and experiences of the women there help me look at my own life and faith with fresh eyes. I come away with new questions, greater self-awareness, a sense of possibility, and actual things I can put into practice in my relationships (or teach my kids to practice in theirs!).  Even when I am busy, I never regret spending time here, because I always emerge with some actionable nugget of wisdom.” 

NiCole H.

“Emily is insightful, respectful, and creative. Her ideas always always help me see possibilities I hadn't considered, and help me with new approaches and inspiration for the challenges ahead. She encourages connection between the divinity within and the Ultimate Divinity to find truth and to motivate next steps.”