June 2024 Gathering: Your Monkey Mind and the Pythagoras Tree

Jun 27, 2024
Is your "monkey mind" driving you crazy?
Yes, monkeys may be cute, but we don't want them driving our car. Similarly, there may be some parts of your life (like a family member's choice or a looming health challenge) that you care deeply about but that you don't want to keep claiming so much time and space in your mind.
Breathe deeply friend. You are in good company!
Do you want more peace and confidence in managing your thoughts?
You have every reason to be hopeful.
This summer we are delving into SIMPLE and PRACTICAL tools to help you be more aware of your thought loops and activate your agency to be more intentional with the amazing mind God created within YOU!
This is a great opportunity to take some time to nourish your soul!
From many to (n)one: Meditation and the plasticity of the predictive mind
Ruben E. Laukkonen and Heleen A. Slagter
Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews
Volume 128, September 2021, Pages 199-217