#13 Mentor Moments...Ashley teaches about the Personal Bill of Rights

Season #1

Are you saying "yes" to the right things? Do you feel guilty for saying "no"? Licensed counselor Ashley Jaggi teaches how the Personal Bill of Rights validates and empowers us in how we show up for others and for ourselves.

Links mentioned in episode:

To get a copy of the Personal Bill of Rights: https://ashleyjaggi.com/rights

Ashley's Podcast Episode "Say NO Without Feeling Guilty and Say YES To YOU": https://rss.com/podcasts/ashleyjaggi/575399/

The Greg McKeown Podcast "The Power Of The Graceful No": https://gregmckeown.com/podcast/episode/greg-on-the-power-of-the-graceful-no/ 

Lili Anderson "The Non Victim Christian": https://youtu.be/tKN1gCxYM3g